Stop Romanticising Depression!

Of late, I have come across a bunch of hoodwinked people who assume and believe that Depression and Anxiety affects only the less privileged part of the society. Clearly, these people have never faced uneasiness, random pangs of sadness, overpowering them and eventually bumming them down!

Honestly, Depression was never about those temporary bouts of regular old sadness. Depression is certainly not some black and white image with goth boy staring out of a window and some stupid quote caked on to it.  It’s just like your regular illness that you wish went away, but worse. Because, nobody comes out and says “I have a disorder” or “I need help.” For whatever reason, opening up about it isn’t something we all do. Nobody hides the truth, but at the same time none of us are facing it head-on either.

It’s almost impressive how worthless depression and anxiety can make you feel. Here’s the thing, get it straight or get out: People get sad. People get depressed. And people cry. No one has the right to say that they can’t and worse, to be happy and say “it’s just a phase” because it doesn’t ever get better.

Depression can hit anybody, regardless of their sex, age, or country. You might have a lot of friends, but you might feel like curling up in a corner and not have any human interaction for days at all. You’d skip sleep but at the same time feel never to get out of the bed. You skip meals because eating feels like a chore. Your friends and family worry about you but eventually they get used to your absence every now and then. They stop asking you what’s wrong because they never get the right answer. What would you say to them anyway? You might have a hundred thousand people by your side when you don’t need them but the moment you do, there’s no one at all. All your nightmares begin to seem to come to reality. And the voices in your head, oh the voices never die.

This is what depression is and if people knew even one fourth of what it feels like to go through the this, they wouldn’t joke around about it. They wouldn’t tell people that it’s ‘spur-of-the-moment’ thing or to get over it or to look at the bright side. There is no bright side for us.

So, don’t let people tell you that your problems are less important than the problems somebody else might have. It’s never the case. Don’t make them make your tough situation any tougher.


Silly Tales of Ego & Drama

“The ego loves drama. The ego creates drama and focuses on the drama, so it doesn’t have to feel it’s own pain”, said some profound woman on the internet.

Recently, a “friend” blew things waaay out of proportion by being downright nasty about it on social media and it took me by surprise because it was a clear case of misplaced anger and miscommunication (and because we’re not teenagers anymore.) I was upset, yes. But then I realized she was just projecting her emotional imbalance through me. That in the process of healing, she’d forgotten to live and let live. That it was her choice to stoop so low. That there are many people like her who are just bitter and can’t see beyond their own shortcomings. 
While I might forgive and forget easily, I know we will never be friends again. But that’s the great thing about growing up. You have a say in who stays in your life. You can have people fuck off without it being the worst thing ever. You accept that people, both good and bad, will find ways to get out of your life when they have to. And while it might hurt now, tomorrow you’ll be grateful that they did. Pinky promise! 🙂

Until next time, love.