For The Wildest Mystery I Know

Being in love with you, is like being lost in the sea for decades. Like, you know you are lost and there’s no way to get back to the shore, but you see a similar someone in the same life raft as you. And even though, I might be still lost in the middle of the sea, with you, I know I’m home.  

Artwork by Rohan Rane
Artwork by Rohan Rane

I had always been a mess. Messy hair, lost eyes, abstract thoughts, a blurry self. I could say my life was an unfinished piece of art, and the saddest part was I wasn’t even trying to work on it.

This was before you happened.

It didn’t happen overnight, certainly. You just made a difference day after day, magic after magic. A life, a little different, a little better.

With you, love was mornings spent between laughs and giggles; with you, love was maturity and beauty; with you, love was peace; with you, love is uncovering your mysteries, one kiss at a time.

You were the artist who transformed me, an unfinished piece of art into a masterpiece. You didn’t do much, honestly. Just sprinkled the right amount of magic and there I was; a work of art, in itself.

Until next time,



2016: The Year That Is Done!

2016: The year of making smart, sane choices. 365  days of positivity & happiness. Can safely say, this year has given me a lot to be thankful for.

 Moved out of a wrong career choice, a wrong relationship. Started over to find happiness lies in the smallest of things.

Applied for a dream job and got it. Met some absolutely amazing people and realised life is much more and beyond anxiety and overthinking. 
Got rid of people, got rid of negativity, of the voices in the head that held me back from doing things I love. Smiled more often. Changed as a person. Grew out of toxicity. 

Travelled. Travelled a lot more than I had imagined I would. Spontaneous trips and doing things I was absolutely terrified of doing without batting an eye, said yes to life and no to fear. 

2016 would have sucked if I hadn’t let the past years’ mistakes empower me. 

Time flies. Don’t live a life you’re not proud of. 

Happy New Year. 

‘Could-have-beens’ and other things I dislike

Do you, dear heart, and do it well. Someone said ‘there’s something missing in the world and I think I’ll have to create it’, so do. Create what’s missing. Use your voice for something that matters — little boys and girls in homes and in the streets, for men that feel the need to drink at 9 in the morning and then struggle with getting a print of their ration cards because they’re too poor to have learned to use a computer even though their child needs that print to get into school. Use it to speak about your own madness, use it to correct the wrongs that were done to the mouth you kiss every night. Speak for the ones that can’t, because you have a mind and limbs that can get you places. If the sight of the homeless makes you feel guilty about the Starbucks coffee you drink, then let it. Let the shame wash down your throat and scald you, let it propel you into action, because there is little else that’s worse than stifling what makes your heart cry out. If you want to cry, then do. If you want to draw, dance, mix music, then do.

Create what’s missing. Just don’t die with ‘could-have-beens’.

Until next time, love.

Valentine’s and all things happy!

Overdosing on red and pink, alllll week long. I don’t understand why so many people are so whiny about Valentine’s Day. What exactly do you scrooges have against love and chocolate? Be your own valentine, if there’s no other worthy contestant, and shower yourself with some extra adoration. You can begin with a quick run to Archies for a teddy bear (pick the snuggliest one) and a Hershey’s Kiss. If that doesn’t cheer you up, you’re probably not 100% human.

Ok bye

Until next time, love.

Silly Tales of Ego & Drama

“The ego loves drama. The ego creates drama and focuses on the drama, so it doesn’t have to feel it’s own pain”, said some profound woman on the internet.

Recently, a “friend” blew things waaay out of proportion by being downright nasty about it on social media and it took me by surprise because it was a clear case of misplaced anger and miscommunication (and because we’re not teenagers anymore.) I was upset, yes. But then I realized she was just projecting her emotional imbalance through me. That in the process of healing, she’d forgotten to live and let live. That it was her choice to stoop so low. That there are many people like her who are just bitter and can’t see beyond their own shortcomings. 
While I might forgive and forget easily, I know we will never be friends again. But that’s the great thing about growing up. You have a say in who stays in your life. You can have people fuck off without it being the worst thing ever. You accept that people, both good and bad, will find ways to get out of your life when they have to. And while it might hurt now, tomorrow you’ll be grateful that they did. Pinky promise! 🙂

Until next time, love.

Travel. Explore. Never Stop. #1

I just read about this Brit man, Graham Hughes, the first person to visit all 201 countries in the world. Without. Using. A. Plane.
It took him 1426 days and all this on a shoestring budget.
Oh. My. God. I’m. Too. Inspired. 
People who follow me on Twitter might know of my constant rants and ramblings of how I’m eager to travel throughout India, so it got me all excited and thinking (but of course!) How awesome would my life be if I saved up some money, said bye bye to my wonderful family and friends and took off for a few months to travel around India, to go to every state. Like seriously, how fucking awesome would that be!
Imagine all the places I’ll get to see, the people I’ll get to meet from all walks of life, all the languages I’ll hear, all the train journeys, the yummy and not so yummy local food I’ll get to eat, all the scary, terrible situations I might have to tackle, all the fights I’ll get into, all the pictures I’ll get to take, all the stories I’ll hear and all the stories I’ll tell, all the knowledge I’ll gain. Imagine the same night sky viewed from different cities, towns and villages. What a truly beautiful experience it will be. There’ll be so much love to give and so much more to take. 
I know I always say so many, many things and do nothing about it really but I hope I will make this happen someday. Soonly. ❤

Until next time, love.

People are not objects.

“Please, for the love of God please, remember that you never own another person. Whether they are your best friend or your significant other. They need the space that freedom allows, in order to breathe. If you keep a rope around their neck they will wither until they slip away from you, and you will still have lost them. Let them be fierce and majestic and go where the strings of their fate pull them.
For the love of God remember human beings are complex. It takes years before you can truly see who someone is, down past their core. Don’t think you know them just because you see the way their soul affects their actions. There are infinite crevices and caverns deep inside of them that take many long journeys just to finally brush against, sometimes for them as much as you. Learn them gently. Slowly. You will never stop learning them.”

Until next time, love.